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UK Seniors Are Shocked About This Life Insurance Fact In 2022

> If You're Born 1942 - 1972 You Could Be Eligible

Life insurance is an effective way to help protect your family and their future in case of something unexpected. With the right policy, you could help cover the cost of your funeral, pay off outstanding debts or leave some money behind for your loved ones. But despite this, many UK residents don't have a policy in place.

Why Doesn't Everyone Have Life Insurance?

Many think the costs are high and increase as you get older but the internet has brought about big changes in the insurance industry - and for the better.

There are companies set up to specifically cater to people aged 50 to 70. One such company - myLifeInsurance - offers up to £10,000 protection. If you're a UK resident aged 50 to 70 acceptance is guaranteed and it's completely free to find out how much cover you're eligible for. While life insurance isn't a savings plan, it's a simple way to protect your family when they need it most. As long as you keep the right cover in place your loved ones will have some financial help in place when you're gone.

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